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It's a global marketplace and often the best ideas aren't in your organization or even your industry and we don’t profess to have all the answers.


At Project 412, we believe in partnering to bring you the best solutions from around the world. Together with our partners, Project 412 can automate your vehicles, fit them appropriately for mine sites and deliver them at a price point that produces real productivity and safety benefits whilst increasing employee engagement.      



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Future of Mobility

Automation & Mobility Collaborators 

The Future of Mobility is one of the fastest grow industries in the world today. It is fuelled by the world’s continuing trend to urbanise, every growing population pressures and even the need to address climate change challenges. The Future of Mobility is more than just ride hailing and autonomous vehicles, its about redefining our entire idea of what mobility is and how to make cities more liveable, efficient and reducing our environmental footprint. It is this concept and idea that drives the Project KTA initiative, it goes beyond creating a new and vibrant industry in Australia and Southeast Asia, its about providing a better place for people to live and ensuring we have a robust and sustainable mobility system for generations to come.

With congestion in Sydney and Melbourne set to reach $38bn by 2031 we need to reconsider what a road is and how mobility functions in a smart city. AV’s have the potential to cause traffic chaos and disrupt traditional forms of transport. Without a governing layer AV’s could turn from transport utopia to transport armageddon. Insurance is going to change and traffic management will need to be far more dynamic. EV’s, primarily, will likely bring in new traffic management systems that will foreshadow the more complex systems required for AV management. This will result in smarter roads, better traffic management systems, introduction of AI into smart cities and cleaner more efficient transport system.

Australia already has a long history with high tech mobility, particularly from the resource sector and that is a key aspect at Project 412 that we believe in leveraging to make Australia a global leader in this space.  A recent report from AlphaBeta suggests that if this capability to deliver autonomous and robotic solutions is developed locally it will realize over $70 billion to the economy and create 80,000 new jobs. We want to help ensurethis becomes a reality. 


We, at Project 412, believe Mobility is Awesome and we want you to be Awesome too.