Humanity Drives Automation 

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Future of work – The contractor, service provider and the consultant.

A key segment of the mining market is the skills for hire or as it is known, the “bums on seat model”. There are three basic tiers for this; labour hire, services group and professional consulting........


Future of Work Mining - The art critic and the alchemist

Mineral processing has always been fairly advanced in mining with state of the art process control systems, SCADA, downtime analytics and a plant full of sensors and instruments .......

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Future of Work and the impact on Mining

There has been a great deal of talk and hype recently about the future of work and what this means. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution old jobs have disappeared and new jobs have been created.....


Autonomous cars and ethics

There was an interesting article that threw up some thoughts last week on autonomous cars. Alan Finkel, Australia’s chief scientist, came out last week talking about following a German model for autonomous cars ......


Levels of Vehicle Autonomy

There are some basic concepts and terms to understand and the most important is the levels of automation.....