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Automation and Robotics park 

Project 412 creating a project to build a world class Automation and Robotics industrial park in Western Australia. Project 412 is seeking partners who wish to be involved in the fantastic opportunity to build Australia's capacity.  


The Automation and Robotics Park has now been taken up by Amira and can be found on their website




Neerabup Automation and Robotics Park

Project Number: CL0002
Status: Seeking Expressions of Interest
Amira Project Manager: Jacqui Coombes


Amira Global (Amira) has initiated an Enabling Futures Program to accelerate the adoption and implementation of the knowledge and technology outcomes from Amira’s research and development, innovation, and implementation (R&D+I2) projects.  Core to Amira’s Enabling Futures Programs is access to physical and digital test facilities.

Amira is seeking expressions of interest to support a physical test facility at Neerabup, Perth, Western Australia.  The purpose of the Neerabup Automation and Robotics Park (NARP) is to advance development and integration of technology in Automation, Robotics and Analytics by and for Amira’s members.

NARP provides a physical testing facility to support a range of Amira’s Futures Programs, which focus on addressing a suite of our Members grand challenges.

In addition to site access, NARP provides stimulus for cluster development that will support the development of an Automation and Robotics service ecosystem, including advancing business capability and an associated sustained talent-pipeline development.

This Expression of Interest proposes a staged development of test facilities at Neerabup, Perth, Western Australia, in concert with METS Ignited’s proposal for the development of West Australian Cluster in Automation, Robotics and Analytics. 

Amira proposes accelerating the first stage of Neerabup to enable access during the Covid-19 crisis to help prepare mining companies for post-crisis recovery. 

The Enabling Futures Program comprises four fundamental themes:

  1. Integrated global facilities access.  Amira’s strategy is to create and manage access to a global network of diverse, locally relevant test sites, test laboratories, virtual laboratories and design CoLabs. Access to a network of test spaces and facilities across the physical and digital environments, will provide members and researchers opportunity to accelerate knowledge, technology and analytics testing and scaling, without interrupting on-site production and activities. 
    Three examples of facilities under consideration for the network include an underground mine in Finland; a physical test facility in South Africa; and a Data Analytics and Design Laboratory in Melbourne.

  2. A Future Workforce Program to foster development of a global talent pipeline to implement knowledge and technology emerging from Amira Futures Programs.

  3. Knowledgebase access: Synthesis of Amira’s database of 60 years accumulated knowledge and technology into a dynamically accessible system that can inform and accelerate further knowledge and capability.

  4. Universal international standards: development of international to accelerate, support and sustain R&D+I2 transfer and implementation.