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It's a global marketplace and often the best ideas aren't in your organization or even your industry and we don’t profess to have all the answers.


At Project 412, we believe in partnering to bring you the best solutions from around the world. Together with our partners, Project 412 can automate your vehicles, fit them appropriately for mine sites and deliver them at a price point that produces real productivity and safety benefits whilst increasing employee engagement.      



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Future of Smart Cities & Work Places  

Smart City and Work Place Collaborators 

Australia has some the most advanced cities in the world and Australians enjoy a high quality of life with good education, health systems and job security. Australia also has its challenges with an uneven level of services between its large population centres and its sparsely populated regions. The same can be said of our work places, from traditional offices and city workshops to more unique Australian remote FIFO work sites and since COVID, working from home. This requires a smarter workplace and even a smart home and we are here to help. We also do mining stuff and we are now looking at way companies move ore and waste around a site. 

We, at Project 412, believe Smart Cites are Awesome and we want you to be Awesome too.